Christine Flavin is currently Associate Professor and Director of the Photography Department in the School of Art and Design at Northern Michigan University where she teaches both digital and alternative process photography along with the History of Photography. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and her MFA from the University of Iowa. She has worked as a professional portrait photographer and darkroom technician, Director of a fine-art photographic gallery and Assistant Curator of Prints Drawings and Photographs at the University of Iowa Museum of Art. 


Flavin’s photography has been exhibited throughout the Midwest region as well as in Seattle, Washington; Dallas, Texas and Suwa, Japan. Her photographs are part of the permanent collection at several national galleries and museums including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Illinois. She has published two photographic instructional lab manuals for students and teachers and has lectured at several museums and universities on topics in the history of photography.


The series “Vanishing Horizons” began when Christine was a graduate student at the University of Iowa, experimenting with hand-built zone plate and pinhole cameras. At that time she was photographing abandoned factories and machinery in the upper Midwest rust-belt region. Since moving to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, her focus has been on the abandoned mining landscape. She now photographs using both the zone plate and a panoramic pinhole camera. The medium format and 4”x5” negatives are scanned and inkjet printed; a combination of both analog and digital methods.


The more recent photographs are from the new series “Beyond the Shoulder …” The color images are views from the car of front yards and small businesses throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


“The Camera’s Gaze” is a series in progress, exploring the invasive aspect of the digital camera and cell photography in the twenty-first century.


“Mining Legacy: Water, Women and the Families” was begun in the autumn of 2011 in response to an invitation to participate in the traveling exhibition “Women and Water Rights II. This series is also in progress.



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